Disappearing kitchen magic trick

Want to learn a magic trick? We made our kitchen disappear in less than 60 minutes flat.

Before: Our kitchen the day we bought the house

The trick is to post your kitchen on craigslist for $100 or best offer. Jeremy posted our kitchen on craigslist and by 10 AM the next morning we had several offers from folks interested in re-using our cabinets, granite countertop, and even our old, half-broken appliances!

After: the blank space where our kitchen used to be

We ended up selling our kitchen to a real estate investor who flips apartments in DC and Baltimore. I couldn’t believe our luck…he paid us $200 to remove all the cabinets from the walls and haul away the appliances. He even helped move the broken oven to our back alley for the city to pick up later that week! He brought a friend and was in and out in less than an hour!

Midway through the disappearing kitchen trick.

This may seem like a small feat, but Jeremy and I have devoted every free second of our lives to this renovation since we purchased the home in August. The amount of time we saved not having to remove the cabinets and appliances ourselves, not to mention the cost of paying for dumpster removal of all that debris was an incredible victory to us!

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